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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Barbie + outfits OMG!

Okay so your probably wondering why a FASHION blogger is posting about barbie dolls. You probably also wondering why I have recently been posting everyday! Like I promised and I'm doing an Easter weekend special! But I bet some people are thinking oh of course she would blog about Barbie's and dolls because I'm just a young little girl! Well no! I am posting about the apparent "fashionista" dolls made by Barbie, well I don't think Mattel know the meaning of fashionista and when you see these pics I think you will agree with me :) These dolls are $10.99 so around £9.00

Now for that horrid introduction to the post (cough cough the ugly barbies!) so time for some REAL fashion that I found in our favorite high street shops! I've decided to try something NEW so I will make 3 dream outfits I think we all want to

 This outfit is all form forever 21 (blouse £14.95, shoes £18.45,  skirt £11.50)
floral shoes Dorothy Perkins £35.00, leggings H&M £9.99, top H&M £12.99 

 This whole otfit is from River island! Top £14.99, Boots £17.00 and jeans £25.00 
So did you enjoy the first ever full outfit post? Hope so! Also are you interested in animals? Then you will love my animal blog Kitty cat cloud all about my cat just click the link:  There is also another kinda link you should click! I made a video/ad for French Connection and anyone could make one!  Just head on to there website! If  your one is the best you could win a trip to Sydney, all the clothes that were in your video/ad and you can bring a friend to the trip to! Trust me if I one I would take all of you guys who read my blog! But sadly if I did win I would probably have to take my mum. :) Here is the link to my video :) Make a scene at Fcuk (CLICK!)
From Another kinda fashion blogger x

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