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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Oscars OMG!

                                   Its never to late to talk about fashion! 

Hi! Like I said before its never too late to talk about fashion even though the fashion that i'm talking about happened on Sunday! Here I will be telling you what celeberties look good and those who well, DONT! A lot happened like everyone crying awardes being given out to the wrong people and thing!And of course people falling over.... (cough, cough Jennifer Lawrence) 
Ahhh dont worry Jennifer nobody saw... well maybe one or two...

 So many fashion events have happened but since I only started my blog on Monday I hve missed like everything! (sob,sob) So I though I could pick an event that would be fun to post about so I picked The Oscars! Hope you enjoy the pictures your eyes are about to look upon. WARNING: Some content maybe haremful to people who hate ugly clothes!  
                                                                     Best dresses 
                          I love Jennifer Hudsons dress I think to wear a dress like this you have to have good legs and she does! Its very beautiful and unlike most sparkly, high-cut dresses it actually looks good and is not too flashy.

                   Kristin Chenoworth's dress is absolute amazeboz! Its elegent, formal  and dazzling at the same time. I love the little detail of the diamonds/Jewels riseing up the dress and the white material acting as a pretty courset. Dress by Tony Ward
         I like what I am seeing here! Dont you? Kelly Osbournes has finally proved to me she is worthy of being a Fashion copper after being seen wearing this lovely dress it is lovley and like the dress Kristin was wearing I love the Jewels! Link to Fashion 
                      Hey Girl what you wearing!? This dress is beautiful I love the shape and simpality it has! Very classic and stunning.
Naomi look very smexy in this jaw dropping dress! The actress ruled the red carpet in my eyes and this is one of my favourite oscar dresses! 

Worst dresses! :( 

Halle Berry you have failed us this year with this horrid, robotic-like dress!
Where is the beautiful Cat women we know and love! 
       Granny trying to be cool and I dont think anyone like's it! Brandi Aneville what are you wearing and why!!!!!!? Cover up its not Summer time yet you should still have your snow boots on!
Kiernan Shipka why were this dress? Its unflatering, odly shaped 
and everything about it is wrong, wrong, WRONG! 
Meryl you should no better! Sparkly is not in now an was never in anyway! 
You're in trouble, Kelly get her! 

Zoe I think you have put your dress on backwards... oh you havent.... ooops.
I dont know who made this dress but when I find them I am going to 
get them to get a quardanation test! 
Best and worst
the winner of the best and worst dress 2013 goes to.....

Olivia Munn (best dressed) 
Jennifer Lawrence (Worst dress) 


  1. *cough, cough* why you hating on Jennifer? ha lol. Ps. why dont you like and like the best/worst dresses? sure would help ifyou explained.

  2. Hi! to answer your reasonable question! I don't like Jennifer Lawrence's dress because I really don't like the shape of it, it wouldn't look nice on anyone! I like Olivia Munn's dress because its flattering, shows her curves/figure very well and I LOVE red and gold together I think they really go together! Hope you are sattisfy and I love your blog!
    From Another kinda fashion blogger x


Thanks bruh... XD

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